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Flatbed shipping can be complex and challenging, but working with a (3PL) can help streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. With access to a large network of carriers, expertise in industry regulations,
reduced shipping costs, improved visibility, and tracking, and streamlined operations, shippers can enjoy a range of benefits by partnering with a (3PL) for their flatbed shipping needs.
Partnering with JLA FREIGHT SOLUTIONS gives you access to our carrier network of over 55,000 regional and national carriers and our TMS, JLA Load-Manager.
JLA Load-manager enables companies to optimize their loads by highlighting the carrier terminal’s availability, origin, and destination. In addition,
it provides accurate rates, along with the carrier’s contact information. It allows businesses to select a suitable carrier for their budget! So contact us today and let JLA FREIGHT SOLUTIONS be your next (3PL) provider.

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